USAID Supporting 20,000 Vulnerable Households in Khatlon with Agriculture Inputs to Improve Food Security

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, June 03, 2022 – To improve the food security situation in 12 target districts of Khalton, from June 2 – June 15, 2022, the USAID-funded, Feed the Future Tajikistan Agriculture and Land Governance Activity will distribute packages of mung bean seeds, pumpkin seeds and fertilizer to support 1 sotiq (0.01 hectare) of household level production to 20,000 vulnerable households identified by the State Agency of Social Protection under the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of Republic of Tajikistan. The aim of this activity is to enhance household-level production of nutritious, energy-rich, and storable food sources, in order to improve these households’ food security levels through the fall and winter.

Concerns over food security levels of vulnerable households in Tajikistan are growing due to regional conflicts, sanctions, and commodity embargos. Already these have caused price increases as well as disruptions in the supply-chain for key commodities and put strain on the level of remittances flowing into the country. USAID’s Agriculture Officer in Dushanbe Matt Curtis commented, “This is our initial foray to ensure at-risk farmers stay ahead of the curve of any potential shortages and loss of income. We continue to monitor the situation daily and will respond further if we see the need.”

The Activity selected mung beans and pumpkins for this cropping season, as these crops are commonly produced by most households, ensuring that the produce would not go to waste. These crops will provide good sources of energy and vitamins and can be easily preserved and stored over the winter; their leaves/stalks can be used as fodder for household livestock; and excess production can easily be sold in the market to earn additional income for the household. Trainings will be provided by the Activity agriculture extension agents and village advisors/para-agronomists to support the targeted households to cultivate and harvest the two selected crops for this season.


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