U.S. And Tajik Security Forces Conduct Crisis Response Exercise

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, March 20, 2017 – From March 27 through April 7, the U.S. Department of Defense will conduct a training exercise in partnership with Tajik security forces. Approximately 150 Americans and 100 Tajik personnel will participate in the exercise conducted by U.S. Central Command, in coordination with U.S. government agencies and the Government of Tajikistan. The training is a crisis response exercise consisting of simulated scenarios to facilitate a coordinated partner response to transnational terrorism. The majority of this exercise will be conducted at military training areas throughout Tajikistan. However, a small portion will take place at other locations approved by the Government of Tajikistan.

As President Trump wrote in his letter to President Rahmon, President Trump’s administration hopes to “advance the common goals of regional security and stability.” This exercise is designed to increase regional security and stability by increasing the capability of and coordination between U.S. and Tajik security forces. Military-to-military engagements are intended to expand levels of cooperation, enhance mutual capabilities, and promote long-term regional stability and joint-operations between the United States and Tajikistan.

In February, Tajikistan and America celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relations, and of the $1.8 billion that the U.S. has given in assistance to Tajikistan, $262 million has been allocated to security assistance.