U.S. Embassy to Support Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response in Tajikistan

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, September 26, 2022 – U.S. Embassy Dushanbe’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs section, in cooperation with UN Women, is proud to announce the beginning of the “Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response in Tajikistan” project under the Rule of Law program.  The project is expected to last 24 months at a cost of $455,000.00.

Gender-based violence is a global challenge.  To address it, the GBV Prevention and Response in Tajikistan project will help Tajik organizations to protect women’s rights, prevent violence, and respond to violence and abuse.  It will also strengthen the capacity of Tajik institutions, including government structures, civil society, and women’s rights organizations, including shelters.

Through the project, participating Tajik institutions will learn international approaches to combat GBV and provide quality services to Tajiks in need of assistance. The project will enable an integrated approach to combatting violence against women and girls, including care for survivors, legislation to deter GBV, and judicial action to hold abusers accountable.  The project will be implemented in Shahritus, Istaravshan, and Varzob, as well as Dushanbe city.

To complement this project, the U.S. Embassy also provides funding to Public Organization “Korvoni Umed” which focuses on addressing domestic violence by providing rehabilitation services in crisis centers to at-risk women and children, as well as legal, medical, and psychological support to survivors in the Rudaki district.

UN Women will partner with the U.S. Embassy Rule of Law Program by assisting the Tajik government to build an integrated, fair, accountable, and transparent survivors support system where all key players, including women and girls, have equal participation rights.