U.S. Embassy Delivers Vehicles to Tajikistan’s Ministry of Defense for Mountain Operations

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, January 10, 2020 – U.S. Ambassador John Mark Pommersheim, and General-Major Mahmadzoda Suhrob Talbak, Deputy Minister for Logistics of Tajikistan’s Ministry of Defense, participated in a handover ceremony for light-utility vehicles.  The vehicles will enable the mobile forces under Tajikistan’s Ministry of Defense to conduct operations in a wide range of terrain and conditions.   The U.S. Embassy provided the vehicles, valued at $575,000, through the Foreign Military Financing program.

The United States remains committed to partnering with Tajikistan in support of its sovereignty, security, and its role in regional stability.  These efforts support the positive role that Central Asian States will play in securing long-term peace and prosperity in Afghanistan through political support, economic connectivity, and counterterrorism.

The United States has partnered with Tajikistan for 27 years and has provided nearly $1.9 billion in development and assistance through programs that support Tajikistan’s private sector, agriculture, health, education, democratic institutions, and security.