U.S. Embassy announces English Language Program for Journalists

The University of Central Asia School of Professional and Continuing Education (UCA SPCE) in Dushanbe and Bokhtar is pleased to announce the launch of English Language Program for journalists and press secretaries working in government and nongovernmental organizations in Tajikistan. The English for Journalism program is sponsored by the United States Embassy in Tajikistan and will cover the academic year of 2019/20.

Applicants after registration will take placement test and be divided into groups according to their English proficiency level.

Those interested in the training program should contact UCA Learning Centers:
Dushanbe: Call at: 2245823, 93 570 7026
or e-mail to nilufar.ashurmamadova@ucentralasia.org
Bokhtar: Call at: 93 111 0016
or e-mail to:  tolibdzhon.mirzoev@ucentralasia.org to register and receive an application form.

The deadline for registration is 20 October 2019.