Lost or Stolen Passports

Special Requirements for Lost, Stolen and Mutilated Passports

In addition to the required documentation listed above, to replace a valid lost, stolen or mutilated passport the applicant must complete and submit:

  • Form DS-64, Statement of a Lost or Stolen Passport.  If the passport is mutilated or destroyed, submit a signed written statement to explain the passport’s appearance.
  • If available, a copy of the lost/stolen/mutilated passport, birth certificate, CRBA, or naturalization certificate.
  • A police report may be requested.  If so, an English translation is also required.
  • Application fee = $135 USD.

Note: Passports reported as lost/stolen are no longer valid for travel, and must not be used for travel, even if subsequently found.  Anyone found using a reported lost or stolen passport might be questioned or possibly detained by border authorities.