Emergency Financial Assistance

Contacting Home: When U.S. citizens are stranded in another country, they may communicate with the American Citizen Services Unit in the U.S. Embassy Consular Section for assistance in contacting their family, friends, or employer in the United States to arrange for them to send them money.

Wiring Money Directly:  If family members, friends or associates in the United. States. have a major credit card, they may telephone Western Union at 1-800-325-6000, 1-800-325-4176 or 1-800-752-6077.  They may also access Western Union on line at www.westernunion.com or visit a local Western Union agent.

The sender should indicate the traveler’s full name and city where the money is being sent correctly.  The traveler will need to show a U.S. passport (in exceptional circumstances, e.g. when a passport has been lost or stolen, a copy of the passport and another form of a valid photo ID, e.g. original drivers’ license, etc.).  The sender should provide a “Test Question” and a Money Transfer Control Number (a ten-digit code) to the recipient.  The recipient should know the sender’s name, what amount has been sent and where it was sent from (what city).

Western Union has 86 offices in various cities of Tajikistan.

“Western Union” Offices

  • 95/1, Rudaki Ave. (opposite “Rohat” teahouse, in the building of “Oriyonbank”); Open from 0800 to 1700 every day, Tel: [992](37) 221-01-37
  • 56, Rudaki Ave. (opposite the Central Park, near Dushanbe Mayor’s Office); Open from 0830 to 2000 daily (lunch from 1200-1300), Tel: [992](37) 227-10-57
  • 22, Rudaki Ave. (between “Vakhsh” hotel and “Tajprombank”); Open from 0830 to 2000 every day (lunch from 1200-1300); Tel: [992](37) 221-54-47

Your Credit Card Company: Another alternative is to contact your credit card company which may be able to advance you funds temporarily. If your credit card was lost or stolen, report this immediately to your credit card company. They may also be able to verify your credit card directly to your hotel or airline to enable you to checkout of your hotel, obtain replacement airline tickets, or other emergency services. It may be necessary for a person receiving funds and a new credit card to present proof of identity such as a passport.

Bank to Bank Transfers: It may also be possible to transfer funds directly from a bank in the United States to a bank in the foreign country where the U.S. citizen can receive the funds. Many foreign banks require that the U.S. citizen establish a foreign bank account to use this service. Bank to bank transfers can take several days to accomplish.

Send Money through the U.S. Department of State: Family or friends may send funds to you through the U.S. embassy or consulate using the Department of State Overseas Citizens Services (OCS) Trust process.  Click on this link for additional information –  Learn About Sending Money Overseas to U.S. Citizen in an Emergency.