Statement of Ambassador Pommersheim on 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

We stand together with the Tajik people in celebrating the achievements of our forefathers in bringing about the defeat of Nazi Germany 75 years ago today and honoring the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families who suffered during the war.  
Today, we continue to face threats that require joint efforts to combat.  We now face the global health threat of COVID-19, against which the United States and Tajikistan are struggling jointly.  In addition, terrorism, aggression by nation-states, and repression remain present around the world, and we must confront these threats together to defend our safety and freedom.   
Our partnership with Tajikistan remains strong, and we will continue to work together to overcome these modern challenges.  Despite difficult times, today we can celebrate our great shared victory in World War II and honor those who lost their lives or suffered to achieve it.  Congratulations to all Tajik and American citizens on Victory Day!