U.S. Embassy Funds Community Policing Center at J. Rahmon Jamoat of Tursunzoda District

Dushanbe, May 14, 2019 – U.S. Ambassador John Mark Pommersheim and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs major-general Navjuvonov Abdullo opened a newly-constructed Community Policing Center at J. Rahmon jamoat of Tursunzoda District bordering Uzbekistan. This Center and what it symbolizes is the result of successful cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the local community, and the U.S. Embassy. Community Policing Centers provide office space for community police officers and a venue to work in partnership with local communities represented by Community Policing Partnership Teams to jointly identify and solve local security problems.

Ambassador Pommersheim recognized the importance of Tajikistan’s successful implementation of the community policing model to provide security for citizens via effective cooperation between law enforcement and communities based upon mutual trust and respect.

Tajikistan started implementing its community policing model in 2010. This model supports and supplements the Ministry’s Police Reform Program. The community policing model aims to improve the Ministry’s capacity to serve Tajik citizens in a human rights-compliant manner and to enhance the citizens’ trust in the police. Since 2010, the community policing model was institutionalized at the national, regional, and grassroots level in 24 districts of Tajikistan. The U.S. Embassy has supported the Ministry of Internal Affairs in establishing 32 Community Policing Partnership Teams and building 49 Community Policing Centers across the country.