USAID Promotes the Development of E-commerce in Tajikistan

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, March 4, 2021 – The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Republic of Tajikistan jointly hosted the first meeting of the newly-established E-commerce Development Council, designed to promote the development of e-commerce in Tajikistan.  There were than 50 participants, including representatives from the President’s office and other government agencies, the National Bank, donor organizations, financial institutions, and private sector associations. They discussed the Council’s objectives and the future of e-commerce in Tajikistan, including new e-commerce legislation.

USAID Tajikistan’s Acting Mission Director Keith Simmons highlighted new opportunities that e-commerce development will open, for both large companies, but also for small-and-medium enterprises, enabling them to grow their sales, generate export opportunities, and create new jobs.  He added that e-commerce will give Tajik citizens access to a wider variety of products and services from regional and global markets at a lower cost.  Mr. Simmons closed by noting that “e-commerce will also benefit the Government of Tajikistan by facilitating the development of a more transparent economy and motivating businesses to open and move away from shadow economies and thus, increasing government revenues in the long run.”

Jumakhonzoda Jamshed, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, stressed that e-commerce is becoming an integral part of life in Tajikistan and online sales, already growing at a face pace, are projected to increase.  He also expressed his hope that the “E-Commerce Development Council will become an important public platform for dialogue where a great emphasis will be given to discussing issues related to promotion and development of electronic commerce in Tajikistan.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, all participants agreed on the importance of enhanced cooperation among e-commerce stakeholders, including the government, donors, and the private sector.  They also recognized the role the Council will play in facilitating public-private dialogues to develop a more vibrant e-commerce ecosystem in Tajikistan.


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