About Dushanbe

Population: 1.2 million (approximately, unofficial)

Language: Tajik, Russian used a language of business

Area code: 372

Dushanbe is a clean, European-style city.  The city is located in Gisar valley at 2,700 ft above sea level, and has wide tree-lined streets with plenty of cafés to enjoy coffee or tea with local sweets.  Dushanbe is the financial, political, administrative, and cultural capital of Tajikistan. All Government offices and Embassies are located in Dushanbe.

Administratively, Dushanbe is divided into four zones, or districts: Shohmansur, Firdawsi, Ismoil Somoni and Sino (Avicenna).  It is true that many streets in Dushanbe are named after writers and philosophers.  The main points of business and interests are on or close to avenue named after Rudaki – founder of Tajik literature.  The Rudaki Avenue runs from the railway station in the south to a bus station in northern part of the city.


Only 5-km from the capital is the Varzob mountain resort.  A narrow road through small villages will twist you up to Varzob – a delightful place with stunning views of high mountains and the foamy rapid river in the valley.

When you arrive in Dushanbe, you will encounter great opportunities to see Hissor Fortress, one of the most precious historical sites of Tajikistan.  Comfortably located near Dushanbe (15 km west of Dushanbe), Hissor Fortress combines the traditional elements of power, trade and culture of the ancient Tajik nation.  Hissor Fortress is the closest site to Dushanbe; relatively good roads connect the city and fortress so you will not need a high clearance car to drive there.  There are several historical sites, which surround Hissar Fortress, such as two madressas (18th and 19th century), a small museum with displays of clothing, ceramics and jewelry.

Tajikistan in photos – www.foto.tj

The World’s Tallest Dam

The 984 ft (300 m) dam is situated on the Vakhsh River, an hour drive southeast of Dushanbe.  Founded in 1961, Nurek is the world’s tallest existing dam, which is the main supplier of electricity for the country. Once on top of the dam, there is a spectacular view of the crystal clear water surrounded by red rock hills.

Accomodation in Dushanbe:

Hyatt Regency Dushanbe
26/1, Ismoili Somoni Prospekt,
Dushanbe, Tajikistan 734026

Dushanbe Serena Hotel
14 Rudaki Avenue 734013 Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
Phone: +992 (48) 7014000
Fax: +992 (48) 7024000

Sheraton Dushanbe Hotel
48 Aini Street,
Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734024
Tel: +992 48 703 00 00
Fax: +992 48 703 00 01
E-mail: info.sheratondushanbe@sheraton.com

Hotel “Mercury”
9 Lev Tolstoy Street

“Marian’s” Guest House
67 Shotemur Street
Tel: +992 37 223-01-91,
+992 93 505-00-89
Email: marians@tajnet.com

Vefa Center
37/1 Bokhtar St.

Hotel “Taj Palace”
21/B Tursunzade St.

Hotel “Tajikistan”
22 Shotemur Avenue
Email: hotel@tojikiston.com

Guesthouse “Atlas B&B”
63 Mirzo Rizzo Street
Tel: +992 91 9175555,  +992 907 746444, +992 37 2264628
Email: info@atlasguesthouse.com, reservation@atlasguesthouse.com

Hotel “Avesto”
105/1 Rudaki Avenue
Tel: +992 37 221-11-75, 221-12-80

Hotel “Dushanbe”
7 Rudaki Avenue
Tel: +992 37 221-23-57

Hotel “Kayon-2”
9 Akademik Rajabov Street
Tel: +992 37 221-86-62, 227-02-03

Hotel “Comfort”
61 Hamza Hakim Zade street
Tel:992 37 228-96-45

Culture in Dushanbe:

Museums in Dushanbe

  • Gurminj Museum
    23 Bokhtar Street.
    Tajik Traditional Music Instruments
    No English spoken
    Open Mon-Sun, 11.00-1600
  • Museum of Musical Culture
    108 Shakhidi Street, No English
    Open Tue-Sat 10.00-16.00
  • Tajik Museum of National Antiquity
    5 Rajiabov Street
    Features Reclining Budda and items of antiquity
    No English spoken but English inscriptions.
    Open Mon-Fri 09.00-1700, Sat 09.00-14.00
  • Behzod National Museum
    31 Aini Ave
    Tajik History and Culture
    No English Guide, Open Tue-Sun, 09.00-15.00
  • Tursun Zade Museum
    21 Loiq Sherali Street
    Life of Tajik Poet Mirzo Tursun Zade
    No English
    Open Tue-Sat 10.00-17.00


  • Tajik Art Gallery
    1 Somoni Avenue
    Open Mon – Sat, 10.00 – 16.00
  • Virtual Gallery of Tajik Painters
    You are also invited to see some of these artworks in the
  • Artists colony in Dushanbe, located at 13 Umar Khayam Street
  • Modiliani Art Salon
    Tajik souvenirs, handicrafts, paintings, jewelry for sale
    4 A Chekhov Street (behind the Opera House)
    Open 10.00-18.00 Monday to Friday, 10.00-17.00 on Saturday
    Tel: +992 37 2270474
  • “Mir Samotsvetov” Store & “Silk Road” Sales Salon
    Welcome to the wonderful world of semi-precious stones and crafts
    32 Shotemur Street (150 meters up from hotel “Tajikistan”)
    Tel: +992 37 2274305
    Email: rukhom@tajnet.com
    Web: www.rukhom.tajnet.tj