Message to U.S. Citizens: Update on Chartered Flight to United States

April 14, 2020

Event: The Department of State is arranging a special chartered flight for U.S. citizens, U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents, and other qualified travelers. The flight is tentatively scheduled to depart Tajikistan April 20. Exact departure time and routing are subject to change. Limited seats are still available for this flight.

Reservation confirmations were sent on Monday to all registered travelers who have submitted the required paperwork. If you did not receive a confirmation email but believe that you have already registered for this flight, please contact the Consular Section immediately at

All passengers will need to reimburse the U.S. Government for the flight, and a promissory note for approximately $1,657 for adults, $1,303 for children, and $159 for infants must be signed before boarding. No cash or credit card payments will be accepted. You will be responsible for any arrangements or costs (lodging, onward destination or local transportation, etc.) beyond your initial destination in the United States.

We do not yet have details as to the arrival time in the United States. There will be no quarantine in Washington DC upon entering the United States. The CDC recommends that all travelers home isolate for 14 days after you reach your final destination in the United States.

Passengers will be able to check two bags of 23kg each, plus a carry-on that must fit under the seat. There are no overhead bins on this flight.  No pets are allowed.

There are limited seats available. If you would like to leave Tajikistan on this flight, please sign up as soon as possible to be added to a waitlist.

Register for Chartered Flight to United States – April 20

Please do not call to confirm receipt of your information. We will contact you if you are confirmed for a seat on this flight and will provide further instructions at that time.

Update on Possible Commercial Flight by Somon Air: A separate flight operated by Somon Air to Frankfurt is still in the planning phase. Departure date and time have not been determined. Please note: If the Somon Air flight to Frankfurt is cancelled, there may not be any additional flight options to leave Tajikistan. U.S. citizens wishing to return to the United States, should consider registering immediately for the planned charter flight on April 20. U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents who chose to remain in Tajikistan should prepare to shelter in place until normal commercial flight routes are re-established.

Unless you receive an email confirming your flight and future steps, please do not come to the airport. Only those with email confirmations will be permitted to fly.

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