Message for U.S. Citizens: Update Special Flight Leaving Dushanbe on June 6 to the United States

Event: The Department of State has arranged a special chartered flight for U.S. citizens and other qualified travelers departing Dushanbe on June 6.  Seats are limited.  If you want to depart on this flight, please contact immediately.  The deadline to register interest for this flight is Wednesday, June 3 at 12pm (noon).

All passengers will need to reimburse the U.S. Government for the flight, and a promissory note for approximately $1,657 for adults, $1,303 for children, and $159 for infants must be signed before boarding.  No cash or credit card payments will be accepted.  You will be responsible for any arrangements or costs (lodging, onward destination or local transportation, etc.) beyond your initial destination in the United States.  An arrival time in Washington DC has not been determined.  All travelers are advised to make arrangements to stay near Dulles for 1-2 days or to book refundable tickets with no change fees for their onward travel.

The anticipated routing is Dushanbe to Washington-Dulles International Airport, with a fuel stop in Europe.  The estimated departure time is 10:00 am.  The routing and time are subject to change.  Passengers will be able to check two bags of 23kg each, plus a carry-on.

Each traveler requesting assistance should submit a separate form.  Include U.S. citizen minors on one adult submission.  The information provided will be used to complete the necessary paperwork for a repatriation flight.

The request for assistance form is available here.

U.S. Passport and Tajik Visa: Please take this time to check your travel documents to ensure that your U.S. passport and Tajik visa are valid.  If you need assistance with obtaining a new U.S. passport, please contact immediately.  You must have a valid visa to exit Tajikistan.  If your visa has expired, contact the Main Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately at 227-6363 or 227-3838 located on 34 Pushkin Street, Dushanbe to resolve any visa issues.  You will not be allowed to resolve visa issues at the airport.

There will be no quarantine in Washington DC upon entering the United States.  The CDC recommends that all travelers home isolate for 14 days after you reach your final destination in the United States.

Actions to Take: