Health Alert – U.S. Embassy Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Measures in Tajikistan

Location: Tajikistan

Event:  The U.S. Embassy would like to provide an update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures in Tajikistan.  The U.S. Embassy is not aware of any known cases of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Tajikistan.  However, the Government of Tajikistan is implementing precautionary screening and quarantine procedures at all airports and land border checkpoints.  All travelers from China are being placed into a 14-day quarantine.  Other travelers, regardless of where they are traveling from, who present with symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever and/or lower respiratory symptoms, are also subject to a 14-day quarantine.  Consider postponing travel and seeking medical treatment if you are unwell on the day of travel to Tajikistan.

The U.S. Embassy recommends that its citizens decline any medical procedures beyond routine medical examination or temperature checks.

For those with regional travel, confirm screening and quarantine procedures for destination countries before traveling.

Travelers should be prepared for changes, with little or no advance notice, in screening and quarantine practices in Tajikistan as well as other Central Asian countries that could affect regional travel.

Actions to Take:

  • Due to the possibility of quarantine for an unspecified period of time, the Embassy strongly recommends that travelers carry additional supplies of necessary medication in carry-on luggage as well as key contact information for family and friends.  Travelers may not have access to checked luggage.
  • Carry a fully-charged communication device.
  • Contact the U.S. Embassy emergency telephone numbers below if you are subject to quarantine or prior to undergoing any invasive medical procedures.
  • Consult the CDC website, for the most up-to-date information regarding enhanced screening procedures.


  • State Department – Consular Affairs
    888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444