Regional Security Office

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for the conduct of American diplomacy. Diplomatic Security Service  (DSS) Special Agents, assigned to U.S. diplomatic missions overseas as Regional Security Officers (RSOs), serve as the personal advisor to the Chief of Mission on all security issues and coordinate all aspects of a mission’s security program. They develop and implement effective security programs to protect our employees from terrorist, criminal, and technical attack both at work and at home. RSOs serve as the primary liaison with foreign police and security services overseas in an effort to obtain support for U.S. law enforcement initiatives and investigations.

The Regional Security Office manages the overseas protection program for Diplomatic Security which includes the Marine Security Guards, Local Guard Force, Residential Security Guard Force, and other programs aimed at protecting the American mission. The RSO also works closely with various federal, state, and local law enforcement entities in the United States on investigations with leads or connections to Tajikistan.

The Regional Security Office works closely with our law enforcement and security colleagues in the Government of Tajikistan to accomplish our shared mission.

The RSO also provides security briefings for incoming personnel, businesses, international organizations, and friendly missions. The RSO can provide information regarding terrorism and crime threats to American citizens by making an appointment with the Consular section.

Jason Pfistner
Regional Security Officer