Political/Economic Section

The Political/Economic Section of Embassy Dushanbe works with the Tajik government to build key areas of bilateral cooperation in line with U.S. mission priorities: fostering economic growth, promoting democratic practices and institutions and working towards regional stability and security.

The eight-person section monitors and analyzes issues ranging from specific sectors of the economy, such as energy, telecommunications, banking, small and medium enterprise development and administrative and regulatory reform, to civil society, elections, and non-governmental organization activities.  The section also reports on human rights, religious freedom, trafficking in persons, antiterrorism, the environment and agriculture issues.  The section organizes agricultural and business exchanges with U.S.

In conjunction with local staff from the Department of Commerce, we promote American investment and opportunities in Tajikistan, through the American Chamber of Commerce in Tajikistan and other forums.

Eric M. Collings
Political and Economic Affairs Section Chief