Export Control and Border Security

The Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) program is a U.S. Department of State initiative that provides a wide variety of practical assistance tailored to Tajikistan’s needs.  The assistance is provided to government agencies involved in border security, export control, and investigations relating to the the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The goal of the EXBS program is to assist these government agencies to increase their efforts to inspect, interdict, investigate and prosecute the illegal procurement and movement of weapons of mass destruction and strategic technology.  The assistance provided to border enforcement agencies, law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and import/export licensing authorities strengthens their efforts to control their borders, and to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, strategic goods and the materials used in their manufacture.

To date the EXBS program has delivered over seven million dollars in training and equipment in support of Tajikistan’s efforts in border security,  export controls, non-proliferation, and anti-terrorism.

Matthew Siuda
Program Advisor, Export Control and related Border Security