English Access Microscholarship

The purpose of the English Access Microscholarship program is to provide non-elite youth aged 14-18 with an opportunity to learn English and enhance leadership skills.  In addition to teaching English, the Program’s other primary goal is to give students an understanding of American culture and values, with an emphasis on democratic principles and civic engagement.

Applications for the program should consist of information on the English language teaching as well as out-of-classroom activities and enhancement elements.  Examples of enhancement elements related to English language and American culture include but are not limited to activities such as drama, computers, dance, art, music, games, sports, local trips, special cultural projects such as the 4th of July, and/or developing leadership skills, building the spirit of team work, social responsibility, and tolerance events.  English Access Microscholarship Program summer intensive sessions can be an important activity to supplement and/or initiate and/or conclude a student’s two-year English language programming.

All English Access Microscholarship students benefit from the Program because improved English language skills at any level enhance students’ employment prospects, open a window to a broader world of ideas and opportunities, and empower them to better contribute to the socio-economic success of their families, towns and countries.  In addition, some students will acquire sufficient proficiency in English to qualify for participation in traditional ECA exchange programs (scholarships for high school or university-level study in the U.S.) as well as other non-governmental programs.

Please contact the Public Affairs Section for more information about the program: EnglishProgramsDushanbe@state.gov