COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Country Information


April 1, 2020

  • Country-Specific Information:
    • Tajikistan has no confirmed or acknowledged cases of COVID-19 within its borders.  The status of reporting on COVID-19 infections in Tajikistan may change quickly, with no advance warning.
    • Reconsider travel to Tajikistan due to the Global Health Advisory and measures, including severe travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines, implemented by the Government of Tajikistan in response to COVID-19.


  • Entry and Exit Document Requirements:
    • The Dushanbe International Airport is currently closed. It is not known when the airport will reopen.
    • Somon Air may soon offer a repatriation flight to Frankfurt for European citizens wishing to return to Europe via Frankfurt. The cost of the flight and the departure date has not yet been determined.  U.S. citizens who would like to return to the United States via Frankfurt should immediately contact Somon Air representative Firuz Davlatov at 908 085 666 to add their names to a waitlist.  Please inform the U.S. Embassy at that you have requested to be added to the waitlist.  Travelers will need to purchase onward flights from Frankfurt before boarding in Tajikistan.  Travelers should be prepared to travel on very short notice.
    • U.S. citizens who book travel on an outgoing flight should ensure that Tajik visas are valid prior to arriving at the airport. U.S. citizens may be subject to fines and additional visa processing that may delay departure from Tajikistan.  If Tajik visas are no longer valid, U.S. citizens should contact the Main Consular Department at 227-6363 located on 34 Pushkin Street, Dushanbe to resolve Tajik visa issues and pay any processing fees or fines prior to going to the airport.  Issues with Tajik visas cannot be resolved at the airport.
    • The Government of Tajikistan frequently adjusts its entry and exit requirements in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and changes to policy are not immediately made available to the public.
    • Currently, all incoming travelers to Tajikistan are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a Tajik facility.


  • Quarantine Information:
    • Consider postponing travel to Tajikistan due to mandatory 14-day quarantine for most arriving visitors, including Americans.  There is no alternative to quarantine in a Tajik-government facility at this time for arrivals who have transited a country with reported cases of COVID-19.
    • Tajikistan is currently taking oral and nasal swabs for COVID-19 testing.
    • Quarantine locations may depend on availability of space and the port of entry.
    • The U.S. Embassy recommends that its citizens decline any medical procedures beyond routine, non-invasive medical examinations or temperature checks.
    • U.S. Citizens should request to contact the U.S. Embassy if placed into quarantine.  Please contact the Duty Officer phone 98 580-1032 in the event of a quarantine situation.