Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for doing business with USA?

  • Have a business plan
  • Do research and choose partners carefully (due diligence)
  • Manage your expectations and understand your limitations
  • Be diligent about details and take nothing for granted
  • Be transparent in business dealings
  • Use reliable professional assistance (legal, banking, accounting, taxes, opening the office, personnel, security)
  • Have a market entry plan
  • Research shipping, customs and other transportation costs
  • Get a professional translator/interpreter – translate all your promotional materials into English
  • Know your market
  • Know the competition

How do I prepare a business plan?

  • Find a “niche” – need that is not being met or that you can meet with for less cost and/or better quality/efficiency.
  • What are your firm’s strengths?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • What are realistic first year goals?
  • What are the potential obstacles?
  • How can they be met? Be prepared to share this information with a potential partner!

How do I find a U.S. firm to represent/partner?

  • Internet – you can start by trying search engines
  • Attend Trade Fairs and Conferences – be sure to do your research first. Visit the web site and prepare a list of firms you want to visit
  • Trade Associations
  • Business Directories
  • Thomas Register – – ThomasNet is a comprehensive resource for finding information on suppliers of industrial products and services in North America.
  • Kompass – – Kompass is a business to business import and export directory that enables you to gather information about other companies and promote your company in the global marketplace