Ambassador Pommersheim Congratulates Tajikistan on 30th Anniversary of U.S.- Tajik Diplomatic Relations

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, February 19, 2022 – On this day exactly 30 years ago, the United States and Tajikistan formalized diplomatic relations.  Since then, we have built a bilateral relationship we are proud of.   From the beginning and throughout, the United States has always been supportive of Tajikistan’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.   Our two peoples have built this active relationship.  U.S. and Tajikistan doctors have helped heal the sick together; our soldiers and security forces have trained together; our diplomats have solved problems together; our musicians have made music together; our farmers have improved farming together; our business people have pursued projects together; and our teachers and educators have helped the next generation together.

We have stood side-by-side through good times and challenges.  During the civil war, the United States supplied over $178 million in food and development aid to the people of Tajikistan.  Since then, we have renovated or rebuilt over 100 schools, helped farmers increase productivity, and improved the health of children.  To build a bright future for the next generation, we have provided 1.6 million books to schoolchildren and trained almost 30,000 schoolteachers.  To protect the health of the population, we provided over 2.6 million COVID-19 vaccines to the people of Tajikistan.  These vaccines continue to save lives.  To protect Tajikistan’s security and sovereignty, we have renovated or rebuilt 27 border facilities and provided over $330 million in security-sector assistance.

We have supported the security and prosperity of Tajikistan and honored your rich history.  Since helping restore the reclining Buddha statue at Dushanbe’s national museum in 2001, we have funded 17 separate projects to help Tajik experts and specialists preserve and restore Tajikistan’s cultural heritage.  Last year, I was proud, as part of our 30th anniversary campaign, to launch with, the help of Tajik archeologists, a new project to preserve the Old City of Panjakent.

Our relationship is built on mutual respect and partnership.   Together we are stronger, and together we move forward.  For this reason, the slogan for our 30th anniversary of U.S.-Tajik relations is Якҷоя ба пеш! To each and every one of you, I convey my deepest admiration and heartfelt congratulations on the 30th anniversary of our friendship.  We look forward to celebrating this 30-year milestone with you throughout  the year.  In the 1992 words of our first head of mission to Tajikistan, Charge d’Affaires Edmund McWilliams, “Зинда бод дустии халкҳои Амрико ва Точикистон!”  (Long live the friendship between the people of America and Tajikistan!)


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