2019 Tajikistan Spelling Bee

Are you full time college or undergraduate student? Are you learning English and good at spelling? If so, join us for the 2019 TAJIKISTAN SPELLING BEE!

A spelling bee is a competition that tests your ability to correctly spell tricky English words. The winners of the National Spelling Bee of Tajikistan will receive prizes, and chance to compete in the Central Asian Spelling Bee in Bishkek for a grand prize.

Contest periods:
First stage:
Local Spelling Bee – the first round will take place in American spaces throughout Tajikistan in November and December of this year.
Second Phase: National Spelling Bee – in this phase three winners of each American space will compete the American Space in Bokhtar on March 11, 2019.

Contest Terms:

  • The participant must be a citizen of Tajikistan; full-time college or undergraduate student currently enrolled at a Tajik college or university (must be enrolled at the time of the local competition)
  • Did NOT participate in the Central Asian Regional Spelling Bee in Almaty in March 2018 or Dushanbe 2017;
  • The participant must be between 18 and 25 years old before or on January 31, 2019.

The winner must correctly spell the most words.

Hurry up to take part in the Spelling Bee contest and get a PRIZE!

To help you prepare for the Spelling Bee, all American Spaces are offering free Spelling Bee Clubs. Please follow your nearest American Spaces on Facebook. The registration process and participation are supported by U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan and are free of charge.

Dates of competition:

  • American Space Bokhtar – November 28
  • American Space Khujand – November 30
  • American Space Khorugh – December 3
  • American Space Dushanbe – December 6
  • American Space Kulob – December 7
  • American Space Isfara – December 8
  • American Space Gharm – December 10
  • American Space Panjakent – December 12

For more information, go to the American spaces Facebook page of your region or contact them at following addresses:

Аmerican Space Dushanbe
Tolstoy 66 str.
E-mail.: acdushanbe@gmail.com
Coordinator: Usninisso Muborakshoeva

American Space Khujand
56 A. Qalandarov str.
E-mail.: ackhujand@gmail.com
Coorninator: Madina Pulatova

American Space Isfara
Secondary Public School #2
1 Saidon street
E-mail.: acisfara@gmail.com
Coordinator: Zulfiqor Abduhamidov

American Space Kulob
Kulob Branch of Technological University
Borbad street, 9 microrayon
E-mail.: acornerkulob@gmail.com
Coordinator: Abdulhamid Sharipov

American Space Khorugh
Tojiktelecom building, 3rd floor
53 Lenin street
E-mail.: ackhorog@gmail.com
Coordinator: Rangina Davlatmirova

American Space Bokhtar
Dustii Khalqho
E-mail.: acqurghon@gmail.com
Coordinator: Tojiddin Khaitov

American Space Gharm
Ismoili Somoni Street
E-mail.: acgharm@gmail.com
Coordinator: Vaysiddin Ziyoviddinov

American Space Panjakent
Private Pedagogical College
108 Rudaki street
E-mail.: acpanjakent@gmail.com
Coordinator: Nilufar Ibrohimova